A podcast where hosts Steve Krothe and Hawes Burkhardt talk about video games. Yes, another video game podcast hosted by two dudes. Check us out though, it's a lot of fun!
Recent Reviews
"Video games? Are you talking about video games?"
I really enjoy this video game podcast. Hawes and Steve talk about a wide variety of games. Even though I don’t play a lot of the games they talk about I still enjoy hearing their experiences with the game. Thanks for a fun podcast! I greatly appreciate having a new episode every week.
The podcast for late night worms, these guys rule
Steve and Hawes are the super hero team we need for video game talk and pop culture!
"Great Show! …even for non gamers!"
I haven’t played video games since Battlefront 2 on my PS2 but I listen to this show almost every week and know little of what they’re talking about but it’s an extremely enjoyable show. Even if you’re not a gamer and are just interested in gaming, this is your show!
A couple of friends new boot goofin and talking about gaming, what else do you need to know? Dont understand what new boot goofin is? Then you should listen to this podcast and find out! Keep up the good work fellas!
"Are you for real?!"
These guys are NOT the Stadia or Ouya of gaming podcasts. They are the 3-Months of Game Pass for $1 of gaming podcasts. Listen to this show. Your wyrm will thank you.
I love Video Games and Star Wars so listening to Blue Harvest for years has now led me here and I'm loving every episode my guys
"Came from the Harvest. Stayed for the Potion."
Bearman Benson
Long time listener of Hawes’ other podcast Blue Harvest (Star Wars). Love that dudes personality and uuh overall vibe? As a lad who has played video games for the majority of his life (started with the N64/PS1). Its nice listening to Hawes and Steve cover eras I never experienced, shared nostalgia of eras I grew up playing myself and current games we all love. Incredibly similar experiences when it comes to Xbox consoles, I like that! They are full of knowledge and gaming experience. Seeeeesh just check these fun guys out!
"Elden Kings of Podcasting"
So you’re reading this review because you’re curious you’re likely looking for a general gaming podcast, found this and wanna check and see what people are saying. Listen, Hawes & Steve are the MAD note. Here’s what to expect:- Good vibes- Random jokes so K.O. inducing everyone at work will stare at you because you seem insane from laughing by yourself. - Eps focused on singular games both new and retro- Episode Draft Battles- Eps dishing on consoles- Eps on current newsBasically, these dudes cover it all. I genuinely like these guys. They’re entertaining, interactive with their community and always kind. Best of all, they’re buddies that go way back, so listening really takes you back to times with your own friends and it makes you feel like you’re there all over again.
"Bama Podcasters Unite!"
The Back Bedroom podcast
i had to log in to my Apple account just so i could leave a review for this awesome podcast. i also gave my pod a 5star rating but ssshhhh. High Potion is one my favorite podcasts on my list and it’s an auto listen every week. and how cool is it that they are from Bama? keep up the great work fellas, i’ll be there listening. my line is always open for collab too but our people can discuss that. peace and love